Negative Results = Positive News

Thanksgiving is and always has been my favorite holiday. Memories return images of childhood football games with kids in the neighborhood, to later growing up and not being home for the holiday which makes every Thanksgiving extremely special to now be with the ones you love and cherish. ¶ This year’s holiday was no exception as our annual pilgrimage down to the San Jose/Menlo Park area to feast upon cousin Arnie’s kitchen creations was a rinse and repeat session from years past. ¶ The kitchen is certainly the love center of any home during the holidays. The kitchen at our cousin’s also acted as the nerve center where the liquor was poured, the bird cooked and the pies were stacked. White Russians were the drink of the afternoon this year, and this liquid candy was just what the doctor ordered. ¶ Cousins Arnie and Micki travel from Florida each year for this celebration and it’s absolutely wonderful to spend this time with them, their daughter and granddaughter. ¶ With football games on in the background, and the masses huddled on the couch, our special girl was able to provide this portion of the family with some pretty darn special news, certainly news to be “thankful” for. ¶ Bonnie’s surgeon recently ordered a PETSCAN to ensure and validate no cancerous tumors or masses had leaked or spread further into her system. A PETSCAN, known in the medical field as a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is an imaging test that uses a radioactive substance (called a tracer) to look for breast cancer. The tracer can help identify areas of cancer that an MRI or CT scan my miss. This scan requires a small amount of radioactive material given through a vein, usually on the inside of the elbow. It travels through the blood stream and collects in organs and tissues. The tracer helps the radiologist see certain areas or diseases more clearly. This breast PETSCAN is used only after a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is done to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body such as lymph nodes, liver, lung or bones. ¶ Bonnie’s diet for forty-eight hours prior to this event required her to abstain from carbohydrates, sugars, and caffeine. We called Starbucks prior to let them know their gold card member will not be in for two days!! We are very fortunate to live in an area where PETSCANS are available as they are very expensive and sophisticated tests requiring special expertise. ¶ Bonnie received the results of this PETSCAN on Wednesday, the afternoon before we packed our bags for our family Thanksgiving and the word “NEGATIVE” continues to be a very “POSITIVE” term in our lives. ¶ Sharing this with family during the Thanksgiving holiday is certainly one more reason to keep the glass holding the White Russian full (whipped cream if necessary)! ¶ We continue to be geographically separated, which gives stockholders of Southwest Airlines reason to rejoice, just as this news was regarding our special girl.

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Keeping her close …




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