That Just Happened! – THAT JUST HAPPENED!! ?? !!

So the link above is not only the title to our youngest daughter’s high school yearbook, but also helps give you an idea as to what just happened in our lives.  I think the five minute video clip will do far more justice than the words I can express to you right now.

Men and women come into each other’s lives for a reason, how little did I know how blessed I would be from a chance meeting on the high school dance floor in our hometown of Beverly, MA thirty-six years ago.

Thank you all for your texts, your emails, your support these past two years during Bonnie’s fight with breast cancer, and most importantly for keeping her close!

That just friggin’ happened … one Memorial Day weekend that will remain in our memories forever.

Thank you Ellen, her production staff and the American Cancer Society – you all rock!




3 thoughts on “That Just Happened!

  1. Saw you guys on Ellen, would love to talk to Paul about his men’s support group. I live in Cotati and have walked a similar path as your family.

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