Treatment Options

Date: January 19th, 2011

Time: 7:00 AM PST

Status: Treatment Options

Info: My ten or so mile drive in the morning is all back country roads, no horizon, no lights, and once I get through our little and beautiful town’s twelve crossing lights (yes I counted them once) it’s all ranches and farmland.  This morning’s drive in was accentuated by an unbelievable full moon that completely caught me by surprise and as I headed west it was as though I had guidance while I listened to the sounds of the John Butler Trio.

As I indicated in yesterday’s blog, today’s information is right from Chapter 1 of “Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment“.  From the section entitled OVERVIEW OF TREATMENT OPTIONS:

“With today’s early detection and improved treatment techniques, we can treat breast cancer more successfully than ever before. ¶ The ultimate goal of any cancer treatment is to completely eliminate  every single cancer cell from the body.  This battle is usually waged on two fronts. ¶ One line of attack uses local treatments surgery and radiation therapy.  Surgery removes the tumor.  Radiation kills any cancer cells that might have been left in the breast area after the tumor was removed. ¶ The other line of attack aims to destroy any cancer cells that might have broken away from the tumor, and traveled to distant parts of the body.  This approach is called systemic treatment. ¶ Systemic treatment can be in the form of chemotherapy (drugs that kill cancer cells), hormonal therapy (drugs that prevent cancer cells from growing), targeted therapy (drugs that help your body fight off cancer).”

So here’s my question:  TARGETED THERAPY – Drugs that help your body fight off cancer.  Can we put this in some sort of supplemental vitamin we take each morning? I mean before we ever get detected with cancer? I realize this question may seem a little ridiculous, but is it really?

Okay … I need to head down to the classroom.  I alerted my colleagues of the news yesterday via email.  An odd announcement as they rifle through their inbox this morning. 

Michelle – I need a favor.  This regards the Avon IN IT TO END IT walk in San Francisco this coming July 9-10, 2011.  I’ll call you later this afternoon or sometime tonight.  ♥





4 thoughts on “Treatment Options

    • My apologies for not calling last night Michelle. We are scheduled to see the surgeon on the 26th at 2:PM. There is also a noon telephone conference with the Avon In It to End It on the same day. I know you were curious about that event. Was hopeful you could make that telephone conference to get the skinny on what the event is all about, what we need to do, etc., etc. P.S. I suspect this may be the best way to communicate for awhile. P-Diddy

  1. Bonnie,Paul,Logan & Taylor, Know that you are not alone…You have unconditional support..If in the this path you need me in any capacity, count on me to take the next flight out…Bonnie we may not talk or see each other often however,my cousin, that is our bond for life…Your MOM and I had a special relationship when I needed her so Bon, please let me be there for you….All my love and all of you will get through this..

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